Commercial fencing plays an important role in business.  First, it clearly establishes your property boundaries.  Oftentimes it also functions as a key safety feature, keeping patrons from restricted areas and managing foot traffic overall.  Additionally, fencing will boost your overall customer satisfaction by enhancing the general appearance of the enterprise and, when necessary, screening adjacent property or onsite structures from view.   DFW Fence Pro offers a wide variety of smart and attractive fencing options.  Family owned and operated, we’ve been serving businesses in the North Dallas area for over two decades. Expertly trained, licensed and insured, you can trust our experienced team for affordable, quality commercial fence design, installation and repair.  

Attractive & Affordable Fencing Solutions for Your Business

Commercial fencing is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of business owners.  DFW Fence Pro will not only solve your functional concerns of customer and employee ingress and egress, but will also address your aesthetic needs.  We have attractive and durable fencing solutions to match all business images, facade styles, and landscapes.  Importantly, we also offer solutions for every budget.     

DFW Fence Pro builds and installs:

  • Wood Plank Fencing
  • Wrought Iron Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Pipe Fencing
  • Custom Gates
Commercial Fencing
commercial chain link fence

Wood Plank Fencing

Commercial wood plank fencing

Available in varying grains and rich stain finishes, wood fencing is as attractive as it is durable.   We work with several varieties of wood plank, including cedar, pine and spruce.  There are several ways to engineer wood plank fencing. Some of the more popular choices include:

  • Side-by-side fencing, where vertical planks are nailed abutted to one another. This is one of the most popular styles and generally the most economical.
  • Board-on-board fencing, where the individual vertical planks slightly overlap one another. The overlap provides visual interest and dimension and may offer greater privacy.   
  • Horizontal planks, which have grown in popularity in recent years.  Here the planks are installed horizontally, either adjacent to one another, or set apart at planned distances. 

With a wide range of hardware styles and wood stain finishes available, in addition to the variety of plank and post trim options, you can design the perfect fence for your business.  Wood plank fencing is an ideal screening solution for unsightly garbage bins and bulky industrial equipment.  

Wrought Iron Fencing

Solid and stately, wrought iron fencing can upgrade the look of your business.  Being open, metal fencing allows the business owner to take full advantage of natural surroundings beyond their property line.  It can make a small area feel more open.  Available in a variety of styles and colors, you can find both ornately intricate and sleekly modern metal designs.  Working with smartly engineered rackable fencing products, our experienced installers can construct a beautiful and functional metal fence line on even the hilliest of terrain.  
DFW Fence Pro installs both wrought iron and aluminum metal fences on commercial properties.  Our experienced team of professionals can walk you through the basics and differences of both compositions. 

Chain Link Fencing

commercial chain link fencing

Sturdy and economical, chain link fence has been a staple in the fencing market for years for good reason.  Chain link fencing is an effective and affordable way to restrict access to worksites and industrial equipment.  Additionally, unlike solid material fencing, chain link affords a clear site line into the area of containment. We work with top quality chain link products and can incorporate incremental design elements to dress up the look, if desired.

Pipe Fencing

commercial pipe fencing

While it has traditionally been used in agricultural and rural applications, pipe fencing is an increasingly attractive option for a variety of other uses. Durable and attractive, it’s a good choice for demarcation when you don’t want to obscure views or have a large impact on the ecosystem around it.

Custom Gates

To complement the work we do for our commercial clients, we specialize in custom gates.  A unique gate can add interest to an outdoor area of your business, in addition to facilitating functional access.  As with fencing, we can customize the look to make it uniquely your own.    

Need help?

Not sure which style or composition is best?  Take advantage of our experienced guidance. 
We’ll walk you through the benefits of each fencing or gate option,
and supply you with a written quote for your budget planning.


Smart Financing for COMMERCIAL FencING Installation

Many business owners find financing is the smartest way to achieve their fencing goals.  Understanding that our clients need options, we’ve established relationships with 13 reputable lending providers.  Additionally, to assist our clients in the financing and budgeting process, we’ve partnered with the innovative financial tech company, Hearth, to streamline financing decision making.  With these resources, you can expect to have all the information you need to make the best decision on your company.

We Help You Navigate Any Government Regulations or landlord requirements

Fencing decisions are often influenced by outside parties. Satisfying pool fencing requirements can be life saving.  The same goes for managing emergency access for those on your property.  And effectively navigating landlord requirements will ensure you don’t face fees or costly reconfiguration costs.  With over two decades of experience, you can trust our team to walk you through relevant codes and restrictions.  We’ll support you throughout any approval process you face, providing concise and timely plans and descriptions for the approving parties, making any needed adjustments promptly for quick turn-around.  

Trusted commercial Fencing Service Provider

Fully engaged in his business, you can expect our owner, Blake Luby, to have hands-on engagement in each and every project.  You can further expect everyone on the team to reflect the commitment to customer service we prioritize to compliment our professional expertise.  Understanding the critical role our products play in your business, we offer same-day, 24/7 emergency fence repair and replacement to support our commercial clients after installation.

Check out our portfolio to get an idea of the work we do.  Request an estimate online or call us today to get started on your fence.